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        The Activities of the Club „Fotojura“



During the pre-club period the photo club members took part in local and international exhibitions. Thanks to the establishing of the club, the experience and power of the members have grown up. In some recent years we have taken part in traditional exhibition „Live Thoughts of Earth“ (Mazeikiai), „Nature – our Home“ (Kaunas), annual photo exhibition in the USA (Chicago).

We take a live part in various photo contests. The youngest club member Gediminas Tamulynas won the prize  in the contest about „Peugeot“. The exhibition was presented during Lithuanian III  auto cross country competition in Taurage.

This year Renaldas Malychas at Sony contest „Talent Trophy“ took the third plase.

Vytautas Butkus can be truly proud of his prizes at different contests. The third tourism and travel photo exhibition from all over the World with the title „W.W.T.PH 2001“ – Major of exhibition. 2001 magazine „House and Me“ photo contest , the main prize.

For many years we have been attending photo seminars in Nida.

In 2003 three members of club – Sigitas Kancevycius, Romualdas Vaitkus ir Renaldas Malychas, participated in TV show  „Drive into TV“. They were as lucky as to catch the main prize. In a moment of time we had a new exhibition – „Drive into TV“.

We work with Tilze (Kaliningrad district) photographers. Last year we were at the plenary in this town. The photosession had taken place two days before being exhibited in the town museum. This year we are expecting our friends from Tilze  with their answering visit.

One of the last clubs activities – taking photos of Taurage foresters.The final exhibition will be arranged for the professional day of foresters.

In the international field the club took their works to Krakow and Belchatow (Poland), Frankfurt/Main (Germany), Sovetsk (Russia), Chicago (USA), Ryga (Latvia).

Vytautas Butkus, Romualdas Vaitkus ir Sigitas Kancevycius  arranged their exhibitions at the Lemont Art Museum in Chicago. The impressions from the trip to the USA were reflected in our exhibition „Chicago x 3“ at the Photo Gallery in Taurage.

Every year the members of the club present their new works at the annual exhibition.

The club members often have picnics together, parties at each others or take saunas. In the nearest plans we are going to have common projects with others clubs of Taurage and other places.


Taurage Photo Club (TFC) „Photojura“ is still rather young, acting from 2002. Thought it doesn’t mean that photo enthusiasts of Taurage had been doing nothing before the mentioned year. Every year the locals and tovn visitors could enjoy the exhibitions of the best works of a year, also it was usual to take part in exhibitions, seminars, and plenaries in other towns of the republic.

At the moment we are having 18 members. All of them are pretty different. Some of them being professionals, others just amateurs , some of them being just beginners and some already long term members who have given a lot for the art of photography. Some of them are members of Lithuanian Photoart Association. Opening this page also is the right proof that Taurage Photo Club members are active and productive.

About a year ago a photo gallery was opened. The president of TFC is taking care of it. The information about all the exhibitions , previous and those to be you will find in this page


                                                                 Sincerely  Club members





    Romualdas Vaitkus

    Renaldas Malychas

Tauragės fotografų klubas, 2006

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